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STM32CubeMX Standard I2S Frequencies

Question asked by wired on Jan 18, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2016 by STM32Cube-T
I need to use a standard I2S audio sample rate that is different than the ones in the list provided by STM32CubeMX.  There are many hardware and software codecs that support 12KHz and 24KHz, which are not included in the list.  With the complexities of the I2S clocking and divider calculations, it is very cumbersome to have to go in and manually change values to meet my needs.  At a minimum, I would like to see those two frequencies (12000 and 24000) added to the list of default frequencies.  The ultimate solution would be to provided these frequencies, but also provide a User-Specified option, such as is done in the power consumption calculator.