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VDDA connection for STR73x

Question asked by xu.weiliang on Aug 1, 2014
There are a few threads here about the possibility of VDDA connection to another source than the VDD does. In some of the ST technical notes about ADC, it is said that this really depends on the specific models. Some ok, some may not. For example, in the STR75x, its reference manual (UM0191) explicitly says they need to have the same level. However, for STR73x, in its reference manual (RM0001), it does not mention that VDD and VDDA have to use the same level. Instead, it just says the conversion is referred to VDDA. Now my question is that for STR73x, can I use different level for VDDA? To be more specific, if I use 5V for VDD, can I use 2.5V for VDDA? 
Thanks for any response.