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Trying to load non-USB application to STR750FV2 with ST DfuSe Demo

Question asked by YARU on Sep 19, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2012 by YARU

As the thread title states, I am attempting to use the ST DfuSe demonstration software to perform a firmware update to the flash of an ARM7 device (STR750FV2) for the purpose of installing and running a working non-USB application.  At my office, we have a STR750FV2 development board from Raisonance, the Reva V2.10 board with STR750 daughtercard.  We use it with the Ride7 program (V7.28.10.0075) running on Windows XP.

I began by downloading the STR7/STR9 USB Developer Kit from the ST website (, containing V2.0.0) and from that I obtained the Device Firmware Upgrade project material for RIDE.  I was able to compile the DFU source code and run the linker to come up with a .hex file, which I successfully loaded into the STR750FV2 device on the Reva through its JTAG interface.

On the PC host side (running Windows XP), I installed the DfuSe Demo package (, containing V3.0.2, downloaded from ST website).  Then I connected the STR750FV2 device (already programmed with the DFU application by JTAG) via the Reva board's USB link, and the PC host immediately saw the USB connection and auto-installed the DFU driver, which showed up in PC host as "ST Micro Device in DFU mode."  Additionally, the DfuSe GUI in Windows indicated that the ARM7 was detected as an operating DFU device.  So far, so good.

For a working test application, I compiled and linked a sample RIDE project which blinks some LEDs on the Reva board.  This simple blinking LED program is the non-USB application I am trying to load into the STR750FV2 through DFU.  I can load it to the ARM7 through JTAG, and it runs fine as a stand-alone program.

So far, however, I am unable to get this non-USB application to load and run on the ARM7 using the DfuSe Demo GUI to program it via DFU.

The first question is pretty basic.  Does the DFU application included in in conjunction with the DfuSe Demo software in allow STR750FV2 users to load, and then execute, application code (i.e. blinking LED program) using the DFU protocol?  I have tried this (making sure to first create a .dfu file for the non-USB program's .hex data), but have been unsuccessful thus far.  Hence this initial query -- is what I am attempting even possible for the STR750FV2 when using the DFU materials from and

Thanks in advance for any insight or feedback.