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STR736FV2 getting reset (STACK overflow, watchdog, ....?)

Question asked by pandit.kalpesh on Jul 8, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2011 by Clive One
Hi All,

We are using STR736FV2 in one of our products. The complaint which is being reported from field is system restarts randomly. What are the different reasons why it should get restart? Can we dignose it by any status register in the controller?

Can we log stack overflow event??? In the map file we observed
CSTACK and IRQ stack are being used more than other stacks. It is revers stack as per our observations. If it gets overflowed will the RAM be intact on software reset? Is there any mechanism which sets all variables to default at startup before main()????

Any help regarding reset, Stack, Watchdog, Diagnosis is really helpful. It is very URGENT and CRITICAL
Please reply