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STM32F3 Discovery Running Code

Question asked by fox.matthew on Jun 18, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 19, 2013 by fox.matthew
This is a really basic question, but I'm just starting out on this board. I've been able to run programs through the Debug interface of ST-Link in Eclipse.  Now I'm trying to get printf working with USART2, so I need the miniB cable attached to the breakout board I'm attaching to the board pins for Tx and Rx which means I can't really run through Debug mode because ST-Link needs the MiniB cable attached only to the ST-Link USB and not to the breakout board.  

I was wondering how to run a program that is loaded onto flash memory without using Debug mode.  I'm assuming there should be some easy way to run a program via one of the buttons or something, but i'm pretty clueless.  The board is being powered through the breakout board I'm using.  

Thanks for the help in advance!