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STM32L053R8 NUCLEO Bootloader firmware update issue

Question asked by ttl on Jan 13, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by ttl
Hi ,
I am encountering an issue with the firmware update using the bootloader.
I updated my firmware using STMFlashloader Demo.exe. The new firmware is correct. My board is working.
But when I use STMFlashLoader.exe using this command:
STMFlashLoader -c --pn 4 --br 115200 -i STM32L0_x3_x2_x1_64K  -d --fn path\firmware.hex
My board does not work any more.
The downloaded firmware is different than the one I have loaded.
The firmware seems like corrupted.
Did i do something wrong with the command?
Is there anyone who have encountered the similar issue?

Thank you