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USB examples on MB393 eval board with RVDK

Question asked by berthet.quentin on Jun 30, 2010

I am struggling to make the USB examples ( work on my MB393B (board v2.04, STR710FZ2).

I have red something on this forum that some batch of theses board had issues about a resistor on the USB bus, but I was able to run a binary example, so I think the problem here is only software.

I am using the IDE that came with this evaluation kit, RVDK composed of RVDEBUG (realview) 1.7 with provided arm toolchain.

The thing is that the um0290 don't provide project template for RVDK, there is for EWARM, KEIL etc but not for RealView...

I have tried to create one, but my project seems to crash each time at the call of pProperty->Init() in USB_Init() (I am trying the HID example). I suspect that I misconfigured something in the memory mapping so the function pointer to Init() is wrong, but I am not so good with memory mapping and I can't figure where to look.

Is there someone around here who succeeded at using this example with my setup (MB393+RealView) or someone who have the experience to help me?
Any help really appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance!

Quentin Berthet