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BSPI interrupts

Question asked by jacobs.carl on Apr 29, 2010
Not sure anyone monitors this forum, but here goes. I'm using an str711 SPI port to control a phillips 632 chip. I can make everything function when not using interrupts. When I enable interrupts I can only seem to get the first interrupt, futher more, my periodic timer interrupt quits functioning also.

I initialize the SPI set both fifos to 8 bits and depth to 10.  I start by loading the transmit with 4 bytes. I enable the Receive FIFO Not Empty interupt. I get an SPI interrupt with and the RFNE bit is set. When I read the receive fifo once the RFNE bit goes to clear. The code exits the interrupt routine clearing the appropriate bit in the EIC IPR. I never get an interrupt after that.

Usually by the time I get out of the SPI interrupt code the timer2 interrupt is pending, according to the EIC registers, but will not execute. I can only get the SPI interrupt if it running a higher priority than the timer interrupt. The timer interrupt is set for 10 ms.

Is there anything obvious I should be looking for?