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Music and notification MP3 player

Question asked by naue_b on Feb 27, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2014 by zhao.yuntao

For our industrial application, we implemented a STA013 to play sound files located on a SD card. We have to play background music and sometimes play some notification sound. So we send background music MP3 to STA013 and when we have to play a notification sound, we stop the music flow, to send to STA013 the notification MP3, and restart flow of the background music. This method works correctly, but we have some trouble on the change of MP3 flow : a glitch is often heard when the MP3 flow change. We assume its comes from the brutal change of flow. We search a solution, like void mp3 buffer of sta013, or a soft reset.
To avoid to many calibration of sta013, every mp3 have been reencoded to have the same characteristics.

Have you already met the problem ? Have you some idea to destroy this glitch ?