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STM3240G-EVAL interface betwenn STM32F407 and ILI9325

Question asked by Mevel.Yves on Jan 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 6, 2016 by Mevel.Yves

Hi ,
I have the STM3240G-Eval board and currently I'm working on a project which in it I'll need to display text in the LCD.
I searched the internet for some informations to configure STM3240G-EVAL LCD (MB785 drived ILI 9325) with STM32CubeMx

I know:

The MB785 can hook into  by the FSMC_NORSRAM_BANK3 (PG10 : FSMC_NE3). MB785 use a 16 bits data BUS,

 What interface must be choose betwenn  STM32F407 and ILI9325?


-- LCD interface.

In BSP example we see  below, but that not enough to use STM32CubeMx

 Need your help please.

 Best Regards