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LIS302DL problem

Question asked by Tom Smith on Jun 9, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2013 by Tom Smith
I've been using an STM32F4 Discovery board with uVision4 for around 10 months now, and have learnt how to use the basic features (ADC, LCD, USART etc) and I'm now tackling the accelerometer (LIS302DL). I've looked at various examples from the net including the one(s) supplied by ST, however I always seem to get a HardFault Exception before main code is even reached! I've researched this HardFault error and tried to work my way around it, to no success. The Fault Report has NOCP ticked in the Usage Faults box and FORCED in the Hard Faults box.
I've reloaded previous projects and they work fine. So it seems to be a problem whenever I try to write code relating to the accelerometer.
Could someone please help me out? All I want to do is read from the accelerometer, and not encounter the HardFault Exception.