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Cube improvement suggestion with board selector

Question asked by Osto on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by Nesrine M
Hi ST,

With the cube, I select new board for example STM32F7-Discovery to start the design.
A lot of pins are locked but there is no peripheral activated. I'm novice to this board but have detailed knowledge with Cube but for me its impossible to activate all I/O's so I can use the fulll board functionality.

My seggestion:
1.) When selecting a board, all the peripheral of the board should be automatically activated so as it would be prepared for the demo program. I can easy turn them off, if its not needed but turn it on in the needed configuration is sometimes very difficult.
2.) When using BGA case, the pin numbers and names are like behind the net. This is nice to show that the pins are at the back side of the chip but in a design program which is mainly used to configure software, this function is bad and hint the user to make his job. The pins should be in foreground like in QFP package. Right now its impossible to read the pin description.

Thanks a lot ST.