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stm32f10x eeprom emulation

Question asked by yu.jeff.001 on Dec 29, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by yu.jeff.001
Hello, i gone through AN2954 and to make it simple,
i just get out the eeprom write  & read (don't am i correct to do so)

EEprom write:
uint16_t EE_WriteVariable(uint16_t VirtAddress, uint16_t Data)
  uint16_t Status = 0;

  /* Write the variable virtual address and value in the EEPROM */
  Status = EE_VerifyPageFullWriteVariable(VirtAddress, Data);

  /* In case the EEPROM active page is full */
  if (Status == PAGE_FULL)
    /* Perform Page transfer */
    Status = EE_PageTransfer(VirtAddress, Data);

  /* Return last operation status */
  return Status;

uint32_t EEPROM_Read(uint16_t Address)
    uint32_t readValue;
//    Address = BANK1_WRITE_START_ADDR;
    readValue = (*(__IO uint16_t*) Address);
    return readValue;

when i process to do

 EE_WriteVariable(200, 14);

           test_3 = EEPROM_Read(200);

i cannot get the correct value in test_3.
Can anyone help?