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STM32 ST-Link Utility Verify Problem

Question asked by presti.dario on Dec 23, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 8, 2016 by MJ
I'm using ST-Link Utility v.3.7.0 to download code on a STM32F103.
The code downloaded provides redout protection option byte. When I do "program & verify" with verification during programming at the end of the programming appears an error box with "error programming @: 0x1FFFF800", the address of the option bytes.
If I do program & verify with verification after programming the error address change to 0x08000000. In both cases the downloaded code works well, except for the fact that the boards does not reset automatically, nor pressing reset, I have to cicle the power supply.

If I do not use redout protection no errors arises and auto reset is ok after programming.

If I do programming without verify, no error but still no auto reset.

I imagine that this is the normal behavior caused by redout protection, but I want to be sure, can you confirm this?

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