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Ethernet initialization

Question asked by lecordier.guy.001 on Dec 22, 2015

Dear ST team,

I run into some problem with Ethernet due to some initialization missing.
In my system I use an external DRAM for the bss section and the internal ram for the data which use DMA.
The bss is initialized at startup, the internal ram is not initialized.
The heth structure is a part of a C++ object which I put in the internal ram, the constructor initializes some parameters of the C++ object but not the heth structure, I assumed it was done by the initialization code.
But It seems some parameters are not initialized by the ethernet code especially the heth.State & Lock and the heth.ETH_DMARxFrameInfos.SegCount.
I put a memset(&heth, 0, ) in the constructor and all is ok. May be these parameters could be initialized in the low_level_init () routine.