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STM32F303 Eval Board CAN Normal Mode

Question asked by MK.ShaSha on Dec 22, 2015
Referring to the CAN Networking sample codes in Cube MX F3 package, I tried it out by connecting 2 STM32F303 Eval Boards. I used a female-female connector to connect the two boards. However, I am not able to transmit as on debug mode, the codes are getting stuck at HAL_CAN_Transmit(&CanHandle, 10).

Then, I referred to CAN Networking sample codes from Standard peripherals library and when I ran the programme, it worked as mentioned in readme text file. That is, when I pressed the KEY button, the LED changed from LED1 to LED2 to LED3 and so on. However, when I try to transmit a CAN frame by pressing on th KEY button on one board, the other board is not receiving as I am unable to hit receive handler on the codes.

Do I need to have additional jumper settings for my set-up? Any help is appreciated! Thank you!