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Dspin software and EVAL6470H problem

Question asked by keit.aaron on Mar 31, 2013
Latest reply on Aug 8, 2013 by dimarco.gianfranco

I have been trying to adjust the BEMF compensation parameters for my stepper motor on a EVAL6470H board.  I am using the Dspin evaluation software on WindowsXP and an STEVAL-PCC009V1 communications board.  I am monitoring the winding current with an oscilloscope and and clamp meter.

After hours of trying I was unable to achieve any change in the current drawn by my motor at any particular speed, no matter what parameters I enter for the starting slope, intersect speed, or final acc/dcc slope.  I am attempting to keep the motor current near 1.5a rms up to about 1600 cps, but the current rises steadily over the speed range.  I can adjust the KVAL parameters and affect the level of the current drawn, but the "slope" seems to remain the same no matter what values I enter in the parameters mentioned.  I can see no effect on the current drawn at any speed no matter what settings I enter for these parameters.  

Can you give any adivce?  Is there a bug in the Dspin software or do I perhaps have a faulty EVAL6470H board?

Thanks much.