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CubeMX 4.12 F429+FreeTos+FatFS generates HAL_Delay(1) in HAL_SD

Question asked by van_schelven.rob on Dec 18, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 25, 2015 by van_schelven.rob


Relates to CubeMX 4.12 Firmware Package 1.10.1


As a newbie i guess that the code generated in STM32F4xx_hal_sd.c is not correct when using FreeRTOS.
HAL_Delay(1) is called from the function  SD_PowerON(...)
This locks the system. I changed this to osDelay(1) and then it works.. Although mount errors exist after power up. A soft reset is needed to have the SD card mounted and functioning




UPDATE: Solution found: