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Need assistance on a design of STA309A in combination with AKM AK4683 codec

Question asked by naue_b on Feb 12, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 18, 2014 by zhao.yuntao
AK4683 is used to feed I2S audio to STA309A I2S input. I2S out of STA309A is again feed back to AK4683's DAC. Both I2S ports of AK4683 are set up to slave mode. Master clock is provided by AK4683 to STA309A-XTI pin. As both I2S ports of AK4683 (in and out) are configured in master mode, there is no I2S-master to drive the I2S input port clocks of STA309A (BICKI, LRCKI). So my idea is to connect STA309A BICKO->BICKI and LRCKO->LRCKI. My question is whether this setup can work. For better understanding I can send a block diagramm or schematics to you.
Thanks for your help.