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printf problem in atollic truestudio stm32f103

Question asked by yu.jeff.001 on Dec 15, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2015 by yu.jeff.001

Hello, i am new to 32Bit world
i am using Atollic Lite the update version.
my IC was STM32F103C8 and
STM32F10x Standard Peripherals Library Drivers  update History

I need to use printf to print thing to USART.

I saw some thread that need to attach sys_call.c and tiny_printf.c? Is that true?

i follow some thread that use the following code:

nt _write(int file, char *ptr, int len)
/* Implement your write code here, this is used by puts and printf for example */
int i=0;
for(i=0 ; i<len ; i++)
USARTSendChar((*ptr++)); //<–this is my usart code
return len;
however it doesnot work.

i use normal USART to dump ascii to hyperterminal was ok
can anyone help ?
many thanks