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Exprienced but new to STM32 with questions

Question asked by stewart.hamilton on May 14, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2013 by stewart.hamilton
Ti has dropped its M3 Stellaris line. Their new M4 does not have I2S or extended memory controllers. It takes time to know a product line, which parts are up and coming, which ones to avoid, and which tool set. I'm starting over here and hope to find a short cut or two.
The questions:  
The STM32F207 looks like a good candidate, I see a eval board for it. We do not need Ethernet or EMM on the first project but do need I2S, 2 SPI, >64k RAM and =>50 MHz clock. Is this a good choice?
What about IDE's? Ti Code Composer was Eclipse based, is there something similar for ST32? I like IAR but the $4k is steep and for a commercial app I can't use Kick-Start.
The ST-Link/V2 looks like a bargain. Is it?

Hello everyone and thanks for nay help you can give me making the transition.