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Question asked by saban.eyal on Feb 9, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2014 by ST NFC
hi , 
i having a problem with the deselect command , when i want to open and close Session 
on the I2C interface , the S(DES)  command doesnt close the session (by looking at the GPO) , only by turning ON/OFF the VCC   the session is closed.
the deselcet  command that i am sending  via I2C is :
C2 E0 B4    (PCB Byte + 2 CRC) according to chapter 5.4.
1. am i missing something in the command ?
2.the IC doesnt should response to the command  , only close the session (this should be visible by    looking at the GPO pin ) ? 

the procedure that i am doing on I2C is : Session ,using GetSession Command  (O.K GPO is 0's , meaning Session is open)
2.Select TAG command (O.K getting SW1 SW2 = 90 00 , Tag selected)
3.Select file (NDEF File) (O.K getting SW1 SW2 = 90 00 , file  selected)
3.Read/Update Command (O.K getting SW1 SW2 = 90 00  or extension frame delay )
4.close Session , by Turn On/Off VCC (O.K GPO is 1's) , but i prefer using S(DES)