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Simple Accelerometer Configuration

Question asked by sh.roman on May 8, 2013
Latest reply on May 11, 2013 by baird.hal.001

I'm trying to configure the accelerometer on my stm32f4 discovery board. I lost with all the configuration of LIS302DL and TIM4 (example code) and do I need to configure SPI1 separately???

I simply want to read the Z axe measurements for tilt calculation.
with this configuration:
1./* Set configuration of LIS302DL*/
2.  LIS302DL_InitStruct.Power_Mode = LIS302DL_LOWPOWERMODE_ACTIVE;
3.  LIS302DL_InitStruct.Output_DataRate = LIS302DL_DATARATE_100;
4.  LIS302DL_InitStruct.Axes_Enable = LIS302DL_Z_ENABLE;
5.  LIS302DL_InitStruct.Full_Scale = LIS302DL_FULLSCALE_2_3;
6.  LIS302DL_InitStruct.Self_Test = LIS302DL_SELFTEST_NORMAL;
7.  LIS302DL_Init(&LIS302DL_InitStruct);

How I configure it?