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Regarding LED7707 based design

Question asked by kiran on Jun 10, 2010
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2010 by mallik.ranajay
One of our client facing following problems.

                They want to use the LED7707 for Solar Lantern application.  their output will be 3Nos of 1W LED string for which they need constant current output of 150mA. But their Board is not working.
1. They  shorted the Rows with connecting wires by soldering.  Will this affect the IC?
2. The output is  connected to V boost and GND.
3.What to do with SW1 and SW2?
They  want it to work with a 6VBattery.
That is they will be giving a input voltage from 4.5V to about 7.5V.
The circuit that they  want to build up is attached .

Pls Reply ASAP.