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Problem with STM32-MAT/Target Processor-in-the-Loop (PIL)

Question asked by smrtkai on Dec 7, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2015 by reynaud.pascal

unfortunately I am unable to get STM32-MAT/TARGET working with Simulink in PIL-mode. :-( I had trouble to get code generation working with STM32-MAT-TARGET as well. I have tested it with three different MATLAB version (R2014b, R2015a, R1015b). It only works with MATLAB R2015a. R2014b has troubles finding the correct compiler and R2015b generates erroneous code, which can be fixed manually.

My software stack is as follows:
  - Windows 10 Pro, Version 1511
  - MATLAB R2015a
  - Keil uVision V5.16.0
  - STM32CubeMX V4.11.0
  - STM32-MAT/TARGET 4.2.0

Code-Generation finally works (for more information). When I click "Build Model" on my project, a new Keil project is generated and it can be built and deployed without any error.

Now I am trying to get PIL running. When I open the demo "TEST_PIL_IIR_Filter" and click "Run". I get the error "STM32CubeMX path unknown", although it is configured correctly. Ignoring the error, I continue and setup the communication with my COM-port. A new STM32CubeMX project is generated. After configuring the new project, I generate the code. In Keil I build and deploy the code and verify that the code is running using Keil's debugging functionality.

Then I get the following error:
The timeout of 10 seconds for receiving data from the rtiostream interface has been exceeded. There might be multiple reasons for this failure

Can anyone help me get this running?