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For the Chip STM32L151RBH6, how to make EEPROM writting doesn't halt MCU?

Question asked by luo.sonia on Dec 7, 2015
For the Chip STM32L151RBH6, we have only 1 bank, EEPROM writting halt the MCU. I make a test program to repeatedly write EEPROM. Use the code like below to write EEPROM:
*(__IO uint32_t *)addr = data;

100 times repeated write consumed 673ms: 6.72ms once.
50 times repeated write consumed 336ms:6.72ms once

The Reference Manual addressed: "This function can be executed from any memory. If it is from the same bank the program is stalled for one Tprog." So I tried to implemente the write from Ram function. The result didn't change great.

1. 50 times consumed 324ms, 6.47ms
2. 100 times 663ms, 6.63ms