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RTC on STM32F746G-DISCO Ploblem

Question asked by phothiphan.warut.001 on Dec 5, 2015
I'm trying to get the RTC work on STM32F746G-DISCO Board. The problem I'm facing is the calendar counter except SubSeconds stop counting after calling the function HAL_RTC_GetTime() since the first time. I've tried using STM32CubeMX to generate projects with all kind of clock sources and also the provided Demonstration project for STM32F7. The result was the same.

There is one line of code in the HAL_RTC_GetTime() function which is "sTime->SubSeconds = (uint32_t)(hrtc->Instance->SSR);". If I comment this line out, the RTC time Hour, Minuet, Second will count normally. Can anybody explain this to me how can it effect the counter? My c programming skill is not good enough to understand this.

I'm using Keil ARM-MDK.

Thank you