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USB HS in FS + Internal DMA

Question asked by sander.tristan on May 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 23, 2013 by gold.julian
Hi All,

I have just started developing on the STM32 F4 Discovery with the purpose of transferring data from one incoming DMA (ie camera source) and out USB to a host PC.
I have managed to get the USB example working (however it is slow) so I have opted to get an ULPI device and run HS.
In the mean time I have changed my USB port to be the HS port with an external USB plug, running in FS mode.

My problem is trying to enable the internal DMA in FS mode.
In the usbd_cdc_core.c there is an #ifdef for the internal DMA that looks like:
        pbuf = usbd_cdc_Desc;
        pbuf = usbd_cdc_CfgDesc + 9 + (9 * USBD_ITF_MAX_NUM);
usbd_cdc_Desc is not defined anywhere in the libraries.

Does anyone know what to do with usbd_cdc_Desc?

Thanks for any help