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Found mistake in STemWin?? For support from ST!

Question asked by kosenko.pavel on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 4, 2015 by kosenko.pavel
Hi All!
Today I found the strange mistake(?)
In the file of demo application for
STM32f429I- Discovery LCDConf_stm32f429i_disco_MB1075.c
string 328 we can see function 
HAL_LTDC_LineEvenCallback(LTDC_HandleTypeDef *hltdc)
.  How I understund This function NEVER call. 
 I think this function must be call in ISR of  LTDC.  But the name is mistake(?)  In the name of this function is "Even" NOT "Event".   It is right??
My be this mistake and here link together??
Now I can not check it....