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STM32Cube and FreeRTOS - only 1st spawned task runs

Question asked by lopez.dean on Dec 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2015 by lopez.dean
Hi, I'm new to using both STM32Cube and the FreeRTOS it provides support for, and I am trying to follow the tutorials and the FreeRTOS manuals online to create  2 separate tasks to manage the two I2C busses on our STM32L151R8T6 MCU.

Currently, only the 1st I2C task spawned ever runs, even if I put in synchro semaphores, call osThreadYield(), or change the task priorities.  If I change the order of the spawns, the other I2C task runs only.

I have read online that this could mean that the interrupt table is "incorrect", but I only have the sysTick interrupt enabled.  This should be all it needs is the tick interrupt?

Any ideas on what to look for would be highly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!