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mxCube import to Arm Gnu Eclipse

Question asked by Lukasz Przenioslo on Dec 3, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by wired
Hello there,
Arm gnu eclipse ( ) is a plugin for eclipse similar to openSTM32. It has its advantages, for example that user can use way more debuggers than only ST-LINK. I was wondering either ST would consider making an importer for mxCUBE for Arm Gnu EClipse plugin the same way they did for openSTM32.

For example I have a huge problem now. I am using mxCube to import code for openSTM32 project in eclipse. I am using JLINK, so I have to use the module from Arm Gnu Eclipse plugin, as openSTM32 doesnt support it. And now I cannot view peripherals while dubbuging even though both plugins support it. I cant use Arm Gnu Eclipse one, because the project is created by openSTM32. I cant use the second one, as I am using Arm Gnu Eclipse debugger... I dont know whats a way out out of this. 
I would have to either get rid of JLINK and get st-link, but jlink is a lot better. Or I would have to manually copy generated code to Arm Gnu Eclipse project...

So would it be possible maybe for ST to make an importer for Arm Gnu Eclipse? Not a bad idea?