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characteristics of LPS331AP - Temperature Sensing

Question asked by wu.john.003 on May 22, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2014 by di_grazia.pietro

Is there more detailed spec on the temperature sensing of this part? In the data sheet it states +/- 2C from 0-80C. Is there a range where it is tighter?

We are finding that room temp (~25C) we are on the high end +1.4C to + 1.7C on many of the production units. This is "within spec", but I'm wondering if it should be tighter at room temp. We have other temp sensors on the same board which do have a tighter spec of +/- 0.5C at room temp, but then go up to +/-2C at –40C and + 120C.



Also, we are seeing that the pressure sensor does not provide temperature values below about –25C, is this expected? The operating temp should be down to –40C.