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CubeMX upgrade clobbered my IAR project

Question asked by rubinstein.michael on Dec 1, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by STM32Cube-T
I upgraded from CubeMX 4.10.1 to 4.11.0.

Problem 1 (maybe not a big deal)
When I opened my project, it said I didn't have library version 1.3.0.  Which I do have.  It offered to migrate to 1.4.0 or download 1.3.0.  I tried both, starting with the original .ioc file.

Problem 2 (this one is serious)
When I generated my project it:
  • Set lots of stuff to defaults.  Like which runtime library to use, which jtag,...
  • Lost all references to my code.
  • Added 10,102 lines to my project file.
I've upgraded versions before and I'm used to finding problems.  I'd have to regenerate several projects, just to start looking for problems.

Request 1
Please help me drop back to 4.10.1.
Since, I upgraded to it from inside CubeMX, I don't think I have a copy.

Request 2
Please, if possible, supply a workaround.

  • Chip: STM32L152VBT6A.
  • IAR version: Embedded Workbench for ARM