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[CUBE] Sharing the same application among different MCUs and dev.board

Question asked by stanzani.marco on Nov 24, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2015 by bauch.aaron.001
Hi there
I need some methodology advice. I devoloped an application FW for F030F6T6 which I'd like to run on a STM32F4 discovery board just for algorythm debug (I have this board on my desk so why not?).
I then created an ioc file for F030F6T6 (the MCU I plan to use for production) and, after creating the file I understand that I cannot change the target (either MCU or dev board) any longer. I also learned that I cannot create a new ioc which share the same project name with an existing ioc (I'd like to create an ioc having different name but same project name so I could share mi application user code ...).
I'd also like to run Cortex M0/M0+ code on a Cortex M4 (this should be possible since the instr.set of M0/M0+ is fully included in the M4 instr. set). how to manage this?

Thanks much