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CubeMX version inconsistency

Question asked by Joe on Nov 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jan 2, 2016 by Joe
As far as I know, the current version of CubeMX is 4.11.00.
I'd downloaded the windows installer for the standalone version STM32CubeMX from and it works as expected.

Then, for some reason, I also need to install the eclipse plugin and find the STSW-STM32095 at, and it was also labeled with version 4.11.0.

But then, after installation and trying out, I find out that the downloaded plugin was no version 4.11.0 but an older 4.10.1 instead.

As a consequence, the plugin refuses my project when trying to open with the message:
The Firmware Package (STMCube FW_F4 V1.9.0) required by the Project is not supported by this Stm32CubeMX version. to use this Project, update your Stm32CubeMX installation to the latest version.
When looking into the zip archive of the download, I find a site.xml which contains:
feature url="features/" id="" version=""
And further, when I create a new project with the cubemx plugin, the myproject.ioc contains a:
Could ST please provide the eclipse plugin for the most recent version 4.11.0?