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GPIO_APP DATA Registers configuration

Question asked by ashok.haran on Aug 13, 2013

Currently I am working on a spear 600 board on which i am booting an RTOS over it.Currently i am trying to write a GPIO driver for the Application GPIO's which are 10 in no.
I am not able to figure out how to configure the GPIO Data register.According to the Reference Manual it is said that there are 256 data registers with offsets ranging from 000 to 3FC but there are only 10 available GPIO pins and there is no clear explaination of how each GPIO pin is mapped to the data registers so if you can please give a more precise explanation of it, it would be more helpful for me in further development.
Also on further debugging i got to know that these registers already have some default value in it.So please explain what are these default values for?