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STM32Cube two ADC with DMA problem

Question asked by kurosz.bartlomiej on Nov 18, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2015 by obid.matic
Good morning everyone!

I've been using STM32Cube code generator for a while now. 
Yesterday I've encountered a problem, while configuring ADC converters using DMA.

When I configure one converter with DMA and few channels, everything is ok.
But when I add second converter, program eneters some kind of a loop in second converter Start function.
I have made a video of the whole process I've gone through. I hope it shows the problem clearly. 
STM32 two ADC converters with DMA configuration [PROBLEM]

And here is the code example:

I've tried at least 20 different configurations, with different ADC and DMA, settings, different converters, different MCU etc.
There was always the same issue.

Can you please specify if it's me making a configuration mistake somwhere, or is it a bug in the Cube generated code?
I will appreciate your support.