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Am I a dinosaur for still debugging over serial UART-USB links?

Question asked by Brinkand on Nov 10, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2015 by Brinkand
I am coming from NXP and Atmel ARM/AVR and used to debug program flow over RS-232 in addition to singlestepping and register readout etc. Serial IO and support for stdio used to be a default example project on other platforms, but I am having problems using it with my new STM32F4 project. There are examples included with the STM32 Cube, but the stuff is spread over many files which makes it a pain to move to my project. 

So I am thinking: Am I missing out on something that completely outdates a good serial link? Or have I just overlooked the great example project (UART and printf()) that everyone else use for serial links? 

My application actually also needs some easy-to-implement communication to a Win7 C# application, so I will need serial for other things than debugging. 

I appreciate any comments or suggestions!