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AC-DC SMPS rectifier

Question asked by ivascu.alexandru on Apr 29, 2010
My name is Alex IVASCU and I am working as a design engineer for a Romanian - Italian company - ANTRICE - OMICRON Industriale, involved in AC-DC SMPS rectifiers manufacturing.
I designed a power 3kW PFC as an input stage using a Boost topology.
At the moment I am using a 16Arms - IDT16S60C SiC diode from Infineon.
This value is related to the fact that the rectifier should also operate at 180Vrms AC input.
I saw that ST is also involved in manufacturing SiC diodes.
I would like to know if and when ST will be able to offer a similar 16Arms diode to have a second supplier?
Until now my company manufactured 5k SMPS rectifiers where we used Infineon diode and we have a forecast of cca.3k more units.
I am very interested to have information regarding the above mentioned issue.
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