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CubeMx 4.11.0 , FW_F4 V1.8.0, Pin Label Problem

Question asked by Fischer.Thomas.004 on Nov 4, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2015 by rubinstein.michael

I have updated CubeMx from 4.10 to 4.11

I loaded my project and I stayed at firmware package FW_F4 V1.8.0

I changed something and regenerated the code.

CubeMx 4.11 generated gpio.c with  PIN Labels instead of pin numbers in initialization code.


GPIO_InitStruct.Pin = _LCD_RST_Pin|RS485_DE_Pin|GPIO_X0_Pin|GPIO_X1_Pin




but it did not generate #defines for these pin labels !!!

I have generated a new project for test with FW_F4 V1.9.0 and I have seen that these #defines should be in mxconstants.h, but my mxconstants.h is empty!

Our project should be ready in the beginning of next year. Therefore we don't want to change firmware package or cubemx if not necessary.

I thought a newer version of cubemx would not make such trouble. I used the buildin updater, so I don't have an installer file for the previous version 4.10

I have the following questions ?


Where can I download previous versions of CubeMx ?

Can I install multiple versions of CubeMx in different directories ?

I must archive the project and the tools used to generate the project, so I need a CubeMx installer file.

best regards