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VIPerPlus: Smart Off-line Converters

Question asked by ST Employee Fabrizio Employee on Feb 12, 2010
Latest reply on May 18, 2010 by mallik.ranajay

The release to market of the VIPer25,26 (available soon),27, and 28 of the VIPerPlus family of Off Line High Voltage converters complements the previously released VIPer15,16,17 devices.

ST Advantages:

  • 800V HV Mosfet with integrated current sense and thermal sensing    
  • Low standby power consumption to meet industry standards    
  • Current mode control for simple loop compensation    
  • Over current, over voltage and thermal protection with auto restartcapability    
  • No Aux winding required for VIPer26 application    
  • VIPer28 can deliver higher peak power    
  •  Selectable frequency range


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