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Is Systick the way to generate a delay function

Question asked by CS on Apr 12, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 16, 2013 by CS
Hi Folks (and Clive)
I have generated timing delays using systick and I want some comments on whether it was the right way to go:-

GPIO_InitTypeDef GPIO_InitStructure;
static __IO uint32_t TimingDelay;

void Delay(__IO uint32_t nTime)
    TimingDelay = nTime;
    while (TimingDelay != 0)

void TimingDelay_Decrement(void)
    if (TimingDelay != 0x00)

extern "C" void SysTick_Handler(void)

I believe that systick is a low priority - so can this code get stuck if there is a pending higher priority interrupt??