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I2C Reading state machine

Question asked by hosS on Apr 11, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 23, 2014 by swan.rob

I am working on STM10C eval board. I am trying to read X and Y datas from the touchscreen using a state machine inside the I2C_IRQ_Handler. The start byte is generated inside the EXTI interrupt once a touch is detected so I2C interrupts start working.
I implemented the code and it is working fine. But the problem is that the datas reception stops after a certain number of uses and when I push the reset button, the IO_Expander (STMPE811) does not initialize right and it does only work again if I unplug the power source and put it on back again. Knowing that the STMPE811 does not have a reset input and it is only possible to reset it by software, I think that the problem is related to it.
Any one had a similar problem on I2C communication? 
Still the problem may be related to software, but as it is working alright in the begining I don't think so. I hope someone can help.