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STM324x9I-EVAL for application with LCD as user interface

Question asked by Assaf on Oct 29, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2015 by 68516
Hi all.
im about to work on a project which include an LCD as user interface and suppose to display images.
LCD size is 240x320 pixels.
im trying to use STeMWin tools - GUIBuilder and BMPCVT and FNTCVT.
its seems like working.
my first question is - what would be the best way to hold the images database(?), and using which format?(PNG, BMP, GIF)
my second concern - during some tests with the tool and some small images, i used GUIBuilder to create some image (for start, only text), and after calling the function created by GUIBuilder, i used one of the functions GUI_Delay() or GUI_Exec() to update the LCD buffer and when using those functions the image get blurred for about a half second. is there any way to overcome that issue? why is that happening (only text was created).
thanks for any help.