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STemWin GUI_CopyRect is not working in STM32F746G-Discovery

Question asked by nikolaou.christos on Oct 28, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2015 by nikolaou.christos


Used the STemWin with quite a few demos on STM32F746G-Discovery so far succesfully, yet it seems that the GUI_CopyRect is not working.

Tested it with many code variations but no rectangle nomatter small or large, overlapping or not, could be copied.

This code supposedly copies the "Hello world!" phrase on STemWin hello world example application but it is not doing anything at all..

void MainTask(void) {
    int i,j;
  GUI_DispStringAt("Hello world!", (LCD_GetXSize()-100)/2, (LCD_GetYSize()-20)/2);
// GUI_CopyRect here should copy the phrase 50 pixels below, yet it does nothing
  GUI_CopyRect((LCD_GetXSize()-100)/2, (LCD_GetYSize()-20)/2,
            (LCD_GetXSize()-100)/2, 50 + (LCD_GetYSize()-20)/2, 100, 20);

Can someone tell me please how can we make the GUI_CopyRect work properly?