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Question asked by on Apr 10, 2013
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I would like some clear instructionsthat inform me how to communicate with the STLED316S.

I have the STEVAL-ICB003V board,viewing the communications on a logic analyzer, and attempting toduplicate the setup does not work.

I am connected to the STLED316S with auC, can get only DIG1_LED to illuminate.

It there is someone at ST that knowshow to point to a memory location and write control values, please doshare.

An example that tells how to set theSTB line low while pointing to a memory location + page file would beuseful.

Example, write to STLED316S to setnumber of digits, then set to send series of values to each digit fordisplay.

In addition, I am using 3.3V for theserial communications, I am powering the STLED316S with 5V, andpulling DIN/DOUT up with 3.3V.  Is this the proper method?