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BLDC Motor is locked when using STM32 PMSM FOC LIBv4.2

Question asked by Nima on Oct 26, 2015

Hi everybody
I am using STM32 PMSM FOC LIBv4.2 to turn a three phase 60V/350W BLDC motor with Pole pair=28 and rated speed=265rpm. I am using Hall sensor to detect rotor position/speed and Single Shunt current measurement. I don't know the exact value of resistance(Rs) and reactance (Ls) and Back emf coefficient (V/krpm) of the motor and therefore I used the default values in "ST Motor Control Workbench". I think, Rs and Ls and Bemf is not critical and important parameters with Hall sensor position feedback method.
I am testing with example available in the firmware library (speed ramp). Unfortunately, when I compiled the program in Keil and download it into STM32f103, the motor tries to turn but it is not successful. the motor will be locked. As I checked in debug mode, cmd_status = MCI_StartMotor(oMCI) is True but MCI_RampCompleted(oMCI) cannot be meet.
I also attached the related ST Motor Control Workbench file, main.c and ramp_F1.c files.
I will be so grateful if anybody can help me on this problem.