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STM32F1 v2.0.0 SW pack for MDK-ARM, STM32CubeMX?

Question asked by Charles on Oct 23, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2015 by STM32Cube-T
I installed Software Pck for STM32F1 v2.0.0 to my MDK-ARM v5.16a, create project for STM32F103RB, add support for device SPI, in RTE_DEvice.h select SPI1, but when compule have eeror
C:\Keil\ARM\PACK\Keil\STM32F1xx_DFP\2.0.0\RTE_Driver\SPI_STM32F10x.c(316): error:  #20: identifier "RCC_APB1RSTR_SPI3RST" is undefined
if      (spi == SPI1) { RCC->APB2RSTR |= RCC_APB2RSTR_SPI1RST; }
else if (spi == SPI2) { RCC->APB1RSTR |= RCC_APB1RSTR_SPI2RST; }
else if (spi == SPI3) { RCC->APB1RSTR |= RCC_APB1RSTR_SPI3RST; }

asoftware developeratSTunaware that low and medium density STM32F1 MCU do not have SPI3? Cansomewherereportfoundbugs in softwarepack ?

Second question.
STM32CubeMX generate project for MDK-ARM v5 , Firmware Package v1.2 include own HAL driven own support for FreeRTOS, Software packt v2.0.0 for MDK-ARM support another owner HAL driver, support fro RTX .
It is written somewhere how these things integrated and used in the same project?