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ST-Link/V2 Dead, isn't detected by any PC ! :) Please help..

Question asked by petre.mihai on Apr 5, 2013
Latest reply on Apr 7, 2013 by petre.mihai
Hi everybody,

     After receiving the board and installing the kit from Keil plus1 hour of struggling with set-up the board was ok :), ran some examples. Ok, excellent, reflashed the ST Link with the new firmware using the ST Link Utility (CRC passed) and started debugging a code of mine, again, no problems. The next day, I had an idea, started my laptop plugged the board and nothing :) I thought it's my mistake or the laptop had problems because it didn't detect the board....Restarted the laptop and the board also, again, nothing, the board wasn't detected by the OS. I tried the same procedure on 4 computers and none detected it....
So, the RED LED is blinking and the power led is on...
Any ideas ?

Mihai P