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Question asked by renard.richard Employee on Mar 6, 2014

BAL-NRF01D3 is designed for nRF51822-QFAA-CA/C0 and nRF51822QFAB-AA/A0.

New version of nRF51822 has been released by Nordic, late last year. This new version is requiring a new balun that we are right now putting in production:


BALF-NRF01D3 is now designed for nRF51822-QFAAG0 and nRF51822-QFABB0

We will keep producing the BAL-NRF01D3 for customer that need it. But, according to Nordic, nRF51822-QFAA-CA/C0 and nRF51822QFAB-AA/A0 are no more in production and only nRF51822-QFAAG0 and nRF51822-QFABB0 are now in production.


BAL-NRF02D3 is for nRF51822-CEAA (CSP version)

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